•     Professor (ISE) & Director CORI
  •    Information Science and Engineering, CORI
  •    vk.agarwal@pes.edu
  •     Ext: 783


Qualifications :

Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Sc., Bengaluru)

Professional Experience

30 years with ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru 2 years with GM R&D Centre, Bengaluru


Initiated project proposals for collaborative/sponsored projects and Initiated project on Small Satellite


More than 80

General Motor R&D, India Science Lab, Bengaluru

Position : LGM, Electrical and Software Architecture.

  • AUTOSAR based realization & Fault-tolerant function in AUTOSAR
  • Flexray Bus
  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • Integrated architecture
  • Self Healing architecture for automotives
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration of Software
  • Reconfigurable computing etc.

Indian Space Research Organization, Bengaluru

Position : Group Director, Control Systems & Project Director, Technology Demonstrator Project.

  • Processor based systeni for Satellite a11d Advanced Version of Attitude and orbit control computer
  • Integrated Computing platform
  • Mil 1553 Bus project and Mil 1750 Based systems
  • Multiprocessor Design
  • Software methodology development
  • Onboard structural dynamic experiment
  • Dual gimbaled antenna control
  • HMC, ASIC- and FPGA development

Fault-tolerant Computing, Embedded Systems, Distributed Computing

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Reconfigurable computing, VLSI design etc.