Space technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From orbiting the moon and planets, to setting up a lab at the International Space Station, sending rovers to gather information about planets, remote sensing, communication, navigation and weather forecasting, the growth of this field has been phenomenal.

This space club is a student-driven club which aims to establish a re-search platform for students to innovate, develop and demonstrate technologies related to space domain.

Research fields of the club

  1. Satellite design and development.
  2. Payload designs.
  3. Application of robotics and autonomous systems in space research.
  4. Improving Space power and energy storage.
  5. Innovation and demonstration of Space debris capturing system.
  6. Improve and optimize existing communication and navigation system.
  7. Developing better software and user interfaces for tracking satellites and per-forming simulations.
  8. Demonstrating better remotes sensing instruments and sensors for
    tracking heavenly bodies.
  9. To improve image and information processing.
  10. To do research on high tensile strength, light weight and cost
    effective materials for space.

Space Club was inaugurated on 1st October 2015, coinciding with the first day of World Space Week celebrated by ISRO. Since its inception the club has organised workshops and internships on satellite technologies with a vision to take up many more projects like PISAT.