Chancellor – PES University

I am given to understand that ISRO has made provisions for educational institutions to build micro,nano and pico satellites for communication , remote sensing and astronomy and launch them into space along with regular satellites. We are proud to state that team CORI has defined and developed a nano satellite which has been approved for launch by ISRO during upcoming launch. On this occasion, I congratulate the team and wish them for future endeavours.


Prof. Jawahar Doreswamy
Pro Chancellor – PES University

At the outset it gives me immense pleasure to hear about PISAT. It is landmark project taken up by team CORI of PESU towards offering students a true hands on experience in designing, building, developing and operating a real satellite system and its ground segment. My hearty wishes to the staff and students for their untiring efforts.


Dr.K.N.B. Murthy
Vice-Chancellor – PES University

PISAT a nano satellite is an exciting achievement for PES family. PISAT, one of the most challenging project taken up by our university students is touching the skies soon. This will certainly trigger development of future nano and pico satellites from CORI, PESU. I take this opportunity to thank the experts who helped in the journey of PISAT development.


Dr.Vinod Agarwal
Former Director CORI – PES University

Satellite program at PES University provides an educational platform to build and launch micro/ nano/pico class satellites. There is an increasing potential for the small satellite development and its commercial use in near future. In this regard PISAT development is one of the top trends in space activities at undergraduate level. I wish a successful launch and operation of PISAT in space.


Director ISRO Satellite Centre

Visited PESU for 3 Day Satellite Development Workshop. He was impressed with the performance of the payload.


Shiv Kumar
Former Director ISAC

Inaugurated PES Satellite Control Facility. He commended the efforts made by the university.


Former Director VSSC/ISRO

Appreciated students and conveyed best wishes for successful completion of the project.


Former director ISAC and Secretary earth sciences

Research initiative towards space sector at university level is highly appreciable.


Prof.R M Vasagam
Chairman IEI

Periodically reviewed and gave valuable suggestions towards realising PISAT. He appreciated students for their knowledge and efforts.


Dr.Surendra Pal
Former Programme Director SATNAV, Former Associate Director ISAC ,
Vice Chancellor DAAT Pune

He was impressed with research work being carried out by students and appreciated PISAT team.